Category: Creative Thinking

Something to remember, when rejection comes along

Here’s something to remember, the next time someone criticises your art or work. Andy Warhol’s signature work,¬†Campbell’s Soup Cans, hangs on the walls of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. It’s their most prized possession. They were gifted… Read More

4 Useful tips to help you become a better writer

Here are 4 quick writing tips, which have helped me massively over the years.¬†I hope you find them useful. Write for the waste paper basket. I stole this one from Ernest Hemingway. If you aim for perfection, you’ll… Read More

Old ways seldom open new doors

If you’re struggling with a new problem, you may need new tactics or a new strategy. If you’re struggling with a lingering problem, you definitely need new tactics or a new strategy. So, stay agile. Old ways seldom… Read More

An unlimited supply of unique, creative inspiration

Nature has inspired creativity in people, since the first cave art. It’s a constant, beautiful and limitless source of creative inspiration. I was thinking about that earlier, when I saw a photo I took a few weeks ago…. Read More

How I got a lot more creative. Could this work for you?

Today, I’d like to share some feedback, from a creative experiment I have been running for the past 3 weeks. If you’re looking to improve your creative thinking or your creativity in general, you’ll find this really useful…. Read More