How to do the impossible!

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Stuck? Try this useful problem solving tip!

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How to find the answers you need, Einstein style!

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Video: A quick look at the design genius of Dieter Rams

A short, informed introduction to the work of design legend, Dieter Rams. It was recorded at a travelling exhibit, celebrating the work of Dieter Rams, during its stop at London’s Design Museum.

The Magnetic Organization System

Here’s a wonderfully designed answer to a common, frustrating problem. If you find yourself regularly having to hunt around your desk for cables, this could be just what you need: The MOS (Magnetic Organization System). As the name… Read More

The secret behind the world’s best problem solvers!

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Creativity and curiosity: The undeniable link

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4 Ways to refresh your thinking and work smarter

This article comes from my friend, web developer and software writer, Gregor Spowart. He shares 4 simple ways to produce better work and refresh your thinking, so you are more creative and productive. When I first started my… Read More

Don’t get angry – Get proactive

The next time you’re feeling stressed, angry or frustrated, remember this: You’re fighting against a world of your own creation. Take that stress, anger or frustration and use them to motivate yourself to improve the situation. Don’t get… Read More