Listen up!

Have you ever wondered why some of the least informed people, seem to talk so much? Well, it’s not a coincidence!

Talking to a closed book

Think of a book for a moment. The way we get knowledge from a book, is to read the content and draw some conclusions. Now, imagine for a moment that I bought a great book, filled with useful information, but I didn’t read it! Instead, I sat down with the book closed on my lap and just talked to the book about what I already knew. I would learn nothing from the book.

That’s because we learn through absorbing new information – not from broadcasting what we already know.

People who are poor listeners can surround themselves with great people, yet still learn nothing from them. Just as we can’t learn from a book we don’t read, we can’t gain knowledge from people we don’t listen to.

In short: If you want to boost your creative thinking, surround yourself with creative people and then listen.