Problem Solving: The answers have never been easier to find

Today, we have:

  • More combined intelligence than ever before.
  • Greater processing power than ever before.
  • Powerful tools, which are more affordable than ever before.

Unparalleled potential

Whilst access to these amazing assets offers us unparalleled opportunities, what do people typically do with them? Very little. It seems that although we are capable of solving bigger, better problems than at any time in human history, our thinking hasn’t quite grasped the potential yet.

Let’s think about it for a moment:

  • Thanks to inexpensive computing devices, search engines and social networks, we can access answers to almost any challenge we have. So, it’s no longer the access to answers, which is holding us back.
  • The world is filled with problems, so there’s no shortage of worthy challenges to focus our attention on, either.

Rethinking what’s possible for you

I believe we need to realign what we think is possible, so that it encompasses the reality of the amazing resources we have access to today. Then, it’s a case of developing the courage and commitment to set ourselves better, more worthy challenges.

If we do, the potential is limitless.