Video: How schools kill creativity

As children go through the education system, studies consistently show they become less and less creative. Something needs to change.

For the past couple of hundred years, in order to create the workers of tomorrow, children have received a grounding in certain subjects and have then been regularly tested and measured. This approach was developed for the Industrial Revolution and is often accused of producing testable units, rather than teaching and encouraging children how to think and create.

Sir Ken Robinson: Rethinking the School system

Whilst this factory approach to education makes it easy for children to be tested, there is a growing belief that it is failing them. In this excellent TED video presentation, Sir Ken Robinson states why he believes schools kill creativity and why we need to totally rethink the current system.

I believe Sir Ken is correct in his thinking here and I strongly recommend you listen to what he has to say in this video, which has already been viewed millions of times.

If for any reason you can’t see the video, you can watch it on the TED website, via this link.