My name is Jim Connolly and I would like to welcome to Creative Thinking Hub!

This site is a hub for ideas, resources and inspiration, to help you improve and embrace the creativity you were born with.

Jim ConnollyI want this site to help you; find creative answers, develop new products or services, write more creatively, become a creative problem solver, improve your art and use your creativity to benefit from the opportunities all around you.

A creative site, not a series of Amazon book reviews with affiliate links

Here’s why I decided to write this site for you.

I found lots of sites, claiming to cover creativity. However, in almost every case they offer nothing more than book reviews, in an effort to make money from you clicking their affiliate links. That’s not a very creative way to monetize a creative site! It’s actually the opposite of creation — it’s curation. So, I thought I’d develop something different… something with independent value… something creative.

So, along with the creative resources I share, you will also find unique material, written by me, for you. And NO Amazon affiliate links. Ever. Seriously.

You were born to think creatively

Whether you consider yourself to be a creative thinker or not, you were born creative. Watching a child painting with their hands, building structures with blocks or creating stories with their toys, reminds us just how creative we once were and how creative we can be today, if we choose to be. As adults, many of us fail to deliberately use our creative thinking skills. We decide we’re just not creative, when in reality, we are.

Why a hub and not a blog?

I love blogs. I own a few and they work exceptionally well, when it comes to getting conversations going around a subject. However, this site is all about delivering you the insights, tools and ideas you need, to help and inspire you to think creatively for yourself – Free of the perceptions of others, regarding what you just read and how they think you should interpret it.

This hub allows you to connect directly with the information, from your unique perspective and then adapt what you have learned, into your own creations and ideas.

The goal of this site?

I want to help as many people as I can, to think as creatively as they can!

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