Boost your creative productivity with this simple idea

creative productivity

This is maybe the easiest creative productivity idea I have shared with you. It’s also extremely effective.

It starts with an understanding, that the words we use to describe something, have a huge impact on how we think and feel about what we’re describing. In other words, we can deliberately get our mind into an optimal state for whatever we need to do.

The example I am going to focus on here, is the way we can improve our creative productivity by changing the language we use for our place of work.

Allow me to explain…

Change your words, change your mindset

I used to make a living from working in my office. Today, I make a living by developing ideas in my studio. The actual room I operate from today is the same and when I first changed it’s title from office to studio, it looked identical too. All I changed was the name I gave the room.

Immediately, 2 things improved that had a direct, positive impact on my output:

  1. I felt a great deal more creative, operating from a studio each day rather than an office. Within a few weeks, the room looked far more like a creative space or studio than an office, as it started to reflect the way I felt about it.
  2. Other people started to regard me as a creative thinker or artist, when they discovered I operated from a studio. This reinforced my new found creative mindset.

Switching from the mindset of working, to the mindset of developing ideas, was also a huge breakthrough for me. It feels so much easier to think creatively about the work you do with your clients, when you start each day focused on developing ideas.

Some creative examples

Here are a few suggestions, to demonstrate what I mean:

  • If you currently work from an office, consider developing ideas from a studio.
  • If you currently build websites, consider designing amazing online architecture.
  • If you currently write copy, consider painting inspirational pictures using words.

Try it. Just see what a difference it makes to how you feel and what you do!