How doodling can help you think!

The next time you are looking for some creative inspiration, I suggest you get doodling!

There’s something about moving a pen or pencil around on a piece of paper, which stimulates thinking. I’m a very keen doodler and my wife often says she can tell how many new ideas I’m working on, simply by the volume of doodles around my office!

My doodles are just squiggles on a page or sometimes words, which I have played with and decorated. I don’t consciously think about what I doodle, I just let the pen connect with the page whilst I think.

Others doodle pictures

Last week, I was watching my Twitter stream (you can see it here) when I noticed a tweet from Lance Ulanoff, Editor in Chief of I’ve known Lance via social media for several years and he’s a super smart guy, so it was no surprise to me when he tweeted the doodle above, referring to it as just a doodle. I loved it and wanted to share it here, as an example for this article.

FYI: Lance is a keen amateur artist, which is why his doodle looks so good. My doodles are nowhere like as advanced as this – we all doodle differently.

Give doodling a go!

Here’s a simple suggestion. The next time you are looking for some creative inspiration, grab a pen and a pad and let your hand freely flow around the page. There’s no right or wrong. The doodle itself is not the outcome, it’s just a tool to facilitate the flow of your creative thinking.

Image: Lance Ulanoff