Take a walk!

The next time you’re seeking inspiration, wondering when the muse will arrive, I have a suggestion.

Go for a walk!

Walking: Mind and body

In recent years, doctors have started to prescribe walking, for people looking to improve their health, lose weight and increase their fitness.

However, more recently doctors and mental health experts have also identified the link between walking and how we feel. This article from The BBC highlights a new study, which showed that walking had a large effect on depression and that walking may be considered as an alternative to drugs, for some people with mild depression.

For years, I have written about the value of walking as a way to improve our creative process and come up with answers and ideas. Many of my most creative ideas and insights, have come after taking a brisk walk, armed with a voice recorder.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling with a problem, why not risk 25 minutes of your time and go for a walk? The worst that can happen is you will feel better, than before you started. You may well return with the answer you need, too!