How to write great, creative content every day!

As someone who writes a lot of creative content, spread across 2 blogs as well as here on the hub, people are always asking me what my secret is. They want to know how I write so much creative material, so often.

Here’s my secret. It’s in 2 parts.

1. If you can talk every day, you can write every day

You speak with people all day every day and they don’t fall asleep from boredom. Your decision not to write creative content each day is just that: A decision. You can do it. If you can say it, you can write it down. Do it often enough and you get better at it, too.

2. It takes less time than you think

When you start writing creatively, it takes a lot of your time. At least it did with me. When I started blogging, it used to take me a couple of hours to write, edit and publish, a post worth reading. Then, after forcing myself to do it again and again, I found it became easier, more natural and that the quality of my writing improved.

My marketing blog is now one of the most read business blogs in the world. Today, I can create 7 days worth of content for that site, in less time than it used to take, to write a single post.

Creative writing is like going to the gym

If you went to the gym once every few weeks and spent 2 hours working out like crazy, you would be starting from day 1 again each time. The long spaces between your workouts, mean you would achieve little if any momentum. Your muscles, heart and lungs would not get the regular workout they need, in order to improve.

Creative writing is the same.

If you only set time aside to write creatively once every couple of weeks, you will see little, if any, momentum. It will feel like hard work and consume a lot of your time, every time. As a result, you can wrongly assume you are a bad writer or simply that creative writing is too time consuming to engage in on a regular basis. The cycle then repeats itself, until you decide to break it.

Here’s the thing: By setting time aside every working day to write creatively, you become better and better at getting your ideas fleshed out on a page. You gain momentum. You start to think like a writer. You constantly identify and capture ideas to write about. You then find you create better quality content and it takes a fraction (literally) of the time.

How to become a creative writing powerhouse

The best advice I can give anyone, seeking to improve their creative writing is to write. Then write some more. Write even more and then, write something else.

Here’s why. The more you write:

  • The easier it gets.
  • The less time it takes.
  • The more confident you become as a writer.
  • And the better your writing is.